6 Forms Tutorial: Final Results

Now you need to update the Business Manager settings so that your application uploads and uses the modified cartridge.
  1. Set UX Studio to connect and auto-upload.
    1. Open UX Studio and in the Navigator view go to your configured Digital Server Connection (which you might have custom named).
    2. Right-click and select Properties > Project References from the popup menu. Your storefront cartridge should be checked.
    3. Right-click again on the Digital Server Connection name and select Digital. Make sure that Auto-Load is checked. If it is checked, you might want to uncheck and recheck it to completely refresh all the cartridge files on the server.
  2. In the Business Manager, make sure your cartridge is registered.
    1. Select Administration > Sites > Manage Sites - [Your Storefront Site].
    2. Click the Settings tab. Your storefront cartridge must be in the cartridge path list.
    3. Consider your cartridge's position in the path in case of pipeline overloading. Pipelines in cartridges to the left overload pipelines with the same name in cartridges to the right.
  3. Navigate to the storefront (click Site-YourShopHere > Storefront.

    The storefront appears.

  4. If your storefront doesn't appear and you get an error, check the following:
    • Did you enter the correct cartridge name into the Business Manager (it's case-sensitive).
    • Is the Business Manager pointing to the right version (Administration > Site Development > Code Deployment). The version you are using in Studio must match the Active version.
    • Is your version of Studio the same as the Sandbox version?
    • Are you using a new cartridge. If you are, you might need to restart the instance to register the cartridge and pipeline. Do this from the Control Center.
  5. Login to the storefront or register as a new user.
  6. Navigate to the Your Account page.
  7. Click the Personal Preferences link.

    You see the following:

  8. Troubleshoot as follows if you got error messages:
    • Did you set the connector name between the interaction continue node and the UpdateObjectWithForm pipelet to apply?
    • Click the Show Request Log setting from the Storefront Toolkit (see Storefront Toolkit documentation) and review any error messages for clues.
    • The most common errors are case-sensitive typos, failure to label the transition from an interactive continue node and improper naming or connectivity between the client and server.
    • If you still have problems, use the pipeline debugger to trace what is happening.
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