Enabling Language Translation

There are various tasks required to translate your storefront into the required languages.

Source Translation

To enable translation of the source:

  1. Create language-specific folders (for example, es_US).
  2. Identify images (for example, buttons) with locale-specific text.
  3. Identify for translation only those templates that are used in the storefront.
  4. Identify the JavaScript files where the locale-specific text is used.
  5. Identify other product/category/content images where the locale-specific text is used.
  6. Translate these files and store them under the folder previously created (for example, es_US).
  7. Run a full regression test and QA for the localized content.
  8. Change the header or sidebar to integrate a select box where the user can select the language to be used for a session.

Content Translation:

To enable content translation:

  1. Export content/category/products.
  2. Translate the content/category/products.
  3. Import the content and use Business Manager for further editing.
  4. Translate name/description of shipping methods (these values appear in the storefront during checkout).

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