Using Locales Beyond a Different Language

You might want to use different templates for different locales, even though the locales share the same language; or share templates between different locales with the same language.

For example, a company set up a multi-site environment with three sites:

You would select the correct locale for each site: en_US for the US, en_GB for the UK and en_IE for Ireland. This means that all main templates are shared between these locales. You might want to implement country-specific changes to each of the sites (for example, show the different country icons in the top left-hand corner of the Welcome page).

To achieve this, you would need to have three welcome templates with three different images or logos. The welcome.isml template would have to be stored in different folders specific for each locale:

Note: The characters, xx_XX represent a combination of the language and the country. For example, en_US represents the English (en) language spoken in the USA (US), while en_IE represents the English language (en) spoken in Ireland (IE). Likewise, de_DE represents the German language (de) spoken in Germany (DE), while de_AT represents the German language (de) spoken in Austria (AT).

See Locale Fallback.

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