Implementing the Mobile Web Storefront

To implement a mobile web storefront using the Commerce Cloud Mobile: Mobile Web Storefront, you will need:

We don't code differently by user agent because we try to stay as close to HTML as possible for browser independence.

  1. Download the Mobile Web Storefront cartridge to your local machine and import it into Studio.
  2. In Studio, upload the cartridge to the server, if it doesn't upload automatically. This is very important for all following steps.
  3. Select Administration > Sites > Manage Sites and select the site (SiteGenesis, for example).
    1. Click the Settings tab.
    2. Enter the Commerce Cloud Mobile: Mobile Web Storefront cartridge name (Mobile) into the Cartridges field, delimited from the other cartridges with a colon ":".
    3. Place the Mobile cartridge before any of the other cartridges.
    4. Click Apply.

      The Mobile cartridge appears in the cartridge path.

  4. Troubleshooting: If you run into problems, make sure the version you are uploading your cartridges with is the Active version.
    1. Select Administration > Site Development > Code Deployment.
    2. Make sure the version you expect is activated.