Customer Authorization with OAuth2

Salesforce B2C Commerce supports the OAuth2 Specification, enabling you to build storefronts that can interact with OAuth2 Providers, such as GooglePlus and Facebook. This feature enables you to authenticate customers and obtain information about customers by interacting with other parties (OAuth2 providers) who already have this information, provided the customers explicitly authorize such access.

This feature also makes it faster and easier for customers to login into your storefront (or register with your storefront): instead of filling out a form with their personal information, customers can login with an existing account (for example, a Google account), giving your storefront permission to access their personal information, and your storefront can pull the information from their existing accounts on their behalf.

To take advantage of this feature, the following steps are required:

Step Who does it?
Register Your Site ("Application") with OAuth2 Providers you want to support. Storefront developer.
Configure the OAuth2 Providers that you want your storefront to support. Storefront developer/administrator.
OAuth2-related APIs within your storefront to give customers the option to login using Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. Storefront developer.
Note: If you use Google as your OAuth2 provider, you must update your settings to GooglePlus.

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