Profile Document (Shop API 15.6)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a user profile.

Property Type Constraints Description
birthday LocalDate   The customers birthday in the format yyyy-MM-dd.
company_name String   The company name.
customer_no String   The customer number.
email String   The email address. This property is mandatory.
fax String   The fax number.
first_name String   The first name.
gender String   The customer's gender.
job_title String   The job title.
last_login_time Date   The customer's last login time.
last_name String   The last name. This property is mandatory.
last_visit_time Date   The last time the customer visited the storefront (with enabled remember me functionality).
phone_business String   The business phone number.
phone_home String   The home phone number.
phone_mobile String   The mobile phone number.
preferred_locale String   The customer's preferred locale.
previous_login_time Date   The time the customer logged in prior to the current login.
previous_visit_time Date   The time the customer visited the store prior to the current visit.
salutation String   The salutation.
second_name String   The second name.
suffix String   The suffix.
title String   The title.