CodeVersion Document (Data API 16.8)

Document representing a code version

Property Type Constraints Description
activation_time DateTime   The code version activation time.
active boolean   Use this method to determine, if this code version is currently active.
cartridges [String]   A list containing the names of all cartridges participating in this code version.
compatibility_mode String   The code version compatibility mode.
creation_time DateTime   The code version creation time.
id String   The code version id.
last_modification_time DateTime   The last time, when the code version was changed.
rollback boolean   Use this method to determine, if this code version is the current rollback version.
total_size Long   Returns the total size of the file system content of this code version in bytes.
web_dav_url String   Returns the HTTPS based WebDAV URL that can be used to access the code version resources.
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