SlotConfiguration Document (Data API 16.8)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a slot configuration.

Property Type Constraints Description
assignment_information SlotConfigurationAssignmentInformation   Information about the assignments and assignment schedules of this slot configuration
callout_msg Localized<String>   The call out message.
configuration_id String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The id of this configuration.
context Enum {global, category, folder}   The context of the slot. Ignored in input documents.
context_id String   When the context is category, this is a category_id; when the context is folder, this is a folder_id; and when the context is global, this is obsolete. This is ignored in input documents.
customer_groups [String]   The customer groups ids.
default Boolean   A flag indicating whether the configuration is the default one for the slot.
description String maxLength=4000 The configuration description.
enabled Boolean   A flag indicating whether the slot is enabled.
link String   The link.
rank Integer minIntegerValue=1 The rank of the slot.
schedule Schedule   The schedule for the slot.
slot_content SlotContent mandatory=true, nullable=false The content of the slot.
slot_id String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The ID of the slot. Ignored in input documents.
template String maxLength=256 The template.
uuid String maxLength=28, minLength=1 The uuid of the slot configuration. This property cannot be written and is ignored in input documents.