Category document (Data API 23.2)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a category.

Property Type Constraints Description
catalog_id String   The id of the catalog that contains it.
categories [Category]   The array of sub categories for the category.
creation_date Date   Returns the value of attribute 'creationDate'.
description Localized<String>   The localized description of the category.
id String maxLength=256, minLength=1, nullable=false The id of the category.
image String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The name of the category image. The URL to the image is computed.
last_modified Date   Returns the value of attribute 'lastModified'.
link String   The URL to get the category. This is a computed attribute and cannot be modified.
name Localized<String>   The localized name of the category.
online Boolean   The online status of the category determines if it is visible in the storefront. Defaults to false if not specified on create.
page_description Localized<String>   The localized page description of the category.
page_keywords Localized<String>   The localized page keywords for the category.
page_title Localized<String>   The localized page title of the category.
parent_category_id String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The id of the parent category. Defaults to root if not specified on create.
position Double   The position of the category determines the display order in the storefront.
thumbnail String maxLength=256, minLength=1 The name of the category thumbnail. The URL to the thumbnail is computed.
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