CategoryProductAssignmentSearchRequest document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing product_search_request

Property Type Constraints Description
count Integer   The number of returned documents.
db_start_record_ Integer minIntegerValue=0 The zero-based index of the record that we want to start with, used to optimize special handling
expand [String]   The list of expansions that can be applied:
  • product_base - String - This expand will enable retrieval of the following basic Product information:

    • brand
    • ean
    • link
    • long_description
    • manufacturer_name
    • manufacturer_sku
    • name
    • page_description
    • page_keywords
    • page_title
    • searchable
    • short_description
    • type
    • unit
    • upc
hits [Generic]   The search hits returned as an ordered list
next String   The URL of the next result page.
previous String   The URL of the previous result page.
query Query {BoolQuery, FilteredQuery, MatchAllQuery, NestedQuery, TermQuery, TextQuery}   The query passed into the search
select String   The fields that you want to select.
sorts [Sort]   The list of sort clauses configured for the search request. Sort clauses are optional.
start Integer minIntegerValue=0 The zero-based index of the first search hit to include in the result.
total Integer   The total number of documents.