ExportGlobalDataConfiguration document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing a configuration for the global data units which should be exported.

Property Type Constraints Description
access_roles Boolean   Access roles of the organization.
all Boolean   Flag, if all Global Data should be exported.
csc_settings Boolean   Settings for Customer Service Center customization.
csrf_whitelists Boolean   CSRF Whitelists.
custom_preference_groups Boolean   Custom Preference Groups (Meta Data).
custom_quota_settings Boolean   Custom quota settings of the instance.
custom_types Boolean   Custom Types (Meta Data).
geolocations Boolean   Geolocations of the organization.
global_custom_objects Boolean   Global custom objects.
job_schedules Boolean   Scheduled job definitions.
job_schedules_deprecated Boolean   Deprecated scheduled job definitions.
locales Boolean   Locales.
meta_data Boolean   System object type extensions and custom object type extensions.
oauth_providers Boolean   OAuth providers.
ocapi_settings Boolean   Global OCAPI settings.
page_meta_tags Boolean   Page meta tag definitions.
preferences Boolean   Global preferences.
price_adjustment_limits Boolean   Price adjustment limits for all roles.
services Boolean   Service definitions from the service framework.
sorting_rules Boolean   Global sorting rules.
static_resources Boolean   Global static resources.
system_type_definitions Boolean   System Type Definitions (Meta Data).
users Boolean   Users of the organization.
webdav_client_permissions Boolean   Global WebDAV Client Permissions.