ExportSitesConfiguration document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing a configuration for the site specific data units which should be exported.

Property Type Constraints Description
ab_tests Boolean   A/B Tests.
active_data_feeds Boolean   Active Data Feeds.
all Boolean   Flag, if all site units should be exported.
cache_settings Boolean   Cache Settings.
campaigns_and_promotions Boolean   Campaigns and Promotions.
content Boolean   Content.
coupons Boolean   Coupons.
custom_objects Boolean   Custom Objects.
customer_cdn_settings Boolean   Customer CDN Settings.
customer_groups Boolean   Customer Groups.
distributed_commerce_extensions Boolean   Distributed Commerce Extensions.
dynamic_file_resources Boolean   Dynamic File Resources.
gift_certificates Boolean   Gift Certificates.
ocapi_settings Boolean   OCAPI Settings.
payment_methods Boolean   Payment Methods.
payment_processors Boolean   Payment Processors.
redirect_urls Boolean   Redirect URLs.
search_settings Boolean   Search Settings.
shipping Boolean   Shipping.
site_descriptor Boolean   Site Descriptor.
site_preferences Boolean   Site Preferences.
sitemap_settings Boolean   Sitemap Settings.
slots Boolean   Slots.
sorting_rules Boolean   Sorting Rules.
source_codes Boolean   Source Codes.
static_dynamic_alias_mappings Boolean   Static, Dynamic and Alias mappings.
stores Boolean   Stores.
tax Boolean   Tax.
url_rules Boolean   URL Rules.