ObjectAttributeGroup document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing a attribute group

Property Type Constraints Description
attribute_definitions [ObjectAttributeDefinition]   Attributes with the group displayed when expand=definition
attribute_definitions_count Integer   The count of the attributes within the group. This is a computed attribute and is read-only
description Localized<String>   The free-form text description of the group by locale
display_name Localized<String>   The name used to display the group by locale.
id String   The group's user specified identifier, used to retrieve the group
internal Boolean   True if the group is meant only for internal use, false otherwise. This property is read-only.
link String   URL that is used to get this instance. This is a computed attribute and is read-only
position Double minNumberValue=0.0 The position of the group relative to other groups.