ProductOption document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing a product option

Property Type Constraints Description
custom_name Localized<String>   The localized custom name of the product option.
default_product_option_value String   The default product option value.
description Localized<String>   The localized description of the product option.
id String minLength=1, nullable=false The object attribute definition id which is also the identifier for the product option.
image MediaFile   The image assigned to the product option.
link String   The URL link to the product option.
name String   The name of the object attribute definition.
selected_option_value String   The selected option value of the product option.
shared boolean   The flag that indicates if the product option is shared or local.
sorting_mode Enum {byexplicitorder, byoptionprice}   The sorting mode for the product option values.
values [ProductOptionValue]   The sorted array of values of the product option.