Variant document (Data API 19.10)

Document representing a product variation.

Property Type Constraints Description
ats Decimal   Inventory "Available to Sell" of the product.
default_product_variation Boolean    
image MediaFile   URL to the preview image.
in_stock Boolean   true if the product is in stock, or false if not.
link String   The URL addressing the product.
online Boolean   If the product is currently online. true if online false if not
orderable Boolean   A flag indicating whether the variant is orderable.
price Decimal   The sales price of the variant.
price_currency String   Currency code for the price of the product.
product_id String mandatory=true, maxLength=100, minLength=1, nullable=false The id (SKU) of the variant.
searchable SiteSpecific<Boolean>    
variation_attributes [VariationAttribute]   variation attributes
variation_values Map[String, String]   The actual variation attribute id - value pairs.