CouponItem document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a coupon item.

Property Type Constraints Description
code String mandatory=true, maxLength=256 The coupon code.
coupon_item_id String   The coupon item id.
status_code Enum {coupon_code_already_in_basket, coupon_code_already_redeemed, coupon_code_unknown, coupon_disabled, redemption_limit_exceeded, customer_redemption_limit_exceeded, timeframe_redemption_limit_exceeded, no_active_promotion, coupon_already_in_basket, no_applicable_promotion, applied, adhoc}   The status of the coupon item.
valid Boolean   A flag indicating whether the coupon item is valid. A coupon line item is valid if the status code is 'applied' or 'no_applicable_promotion'.