Customer document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a customer.

Property Type Constraints Description
addresses [CustomerAddress]   The customer's addresses.
auth_type Enum {guest, registered}   The customer's authorization type (indicates if the customer is a guest or a registered customer).
birthday LocalDate   The customer's birthday.
company_name String maxLength=256 The customer's company name.
creation_date Date   Returns the value of attribute 'creationDate'.
customer_id String maxLength=28 The customer's number (id). Both registered and guest customers have a customer id.
customer_no String maxLength=100 The customer's number (id). Only a registered customer has a customer number.
email String maxLength=256 The customer's email address.
enabled Boolean   A flag indicating whether this customer is is enabled and can log in.
fax String maxLength=32 The customer's fax number. The length is restricted to 32 characters.
first_name String maxLength=256 The customer's first name.
gender Integer   The customer's gender.
job_title String maxLength=256 The customer's job title.
last_login_time Date   The time when the customer last logged in.
last_modified Date   Returns the value of attribute 'lastModified'.
last_name String maxLength=256 The customer's last name.
last_visit_time Date   The time when the customer last visited.
login String maxLength=256 The customer's login.
note String   The customer's note.
payment_instruments [CustomerPaymentInstrument]   The customer's payment instruments.
phone_business String maxLength=32 The customer's business phone number.
phone_home String maxLength=32 The customer's home phone number.
phone_mobile String maxLength=32 The customer's mobile phone number.
preferred_locale String   The customer's preferred locale.
previous_login_time Date   The time when the customer logged in previously.
previous_visit_time Date   The time when the customer last visited the store.
salutation String maxLength=256 The salutation to use for the customer.
second_name String maxLength=256 The customer's second name.
suffix String maxLength=256 The customer's suffix (for example, "Jr." or "Sr.").
title String maxLength=256 The customer's title (for example, "Mrs" or "Mr").