PaymentCardSpec document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing the specification for a payment card.

The information in the specification can be used to verify data entered by a customer before sending to the payment authorization. The configuration can be made in the payment methods section in Business Manager.
Property Type Constraints Description
card_type String   The type of the payment card.
checksum_verification_enabled boolean   A flag indicating whether the card number is verified using the Luhn checksum algorithm.
description Localized<String>   The localized description of the payment card.
image String   The URL to the image that represents the payment card.
name Localized<String>   The localized name of the payment card.
number_lengths [String]   The sorted list of number lengths (individual lengths as well as length ranges).
number_prefixes [String]   The sorted list of number prefixes (individual prefixes as well as prefix ranges).
security_code_length Integer   The length of the security code for this card.