ProductSearchRefinementValue document (Shop API 20.9)

Document representing a product search refinement value.

Property Type Constraints Description
description Localized<String>   The localized description of the refinement value.
hit_count Integer   The number of search hits when selecting the refinement value. Can be 0.
label Localized<String>   The localized label of the refinement value.
presentation_id String   The optional presentation id associated with the refinement value. The presentation id can be used, for example, to associate an id with an HTML widget.
value String   The refinement value. In the case of an attribute refinement, this is the bucket, the attribute value, or a value range. In the case of a category refinement, this is the category id. In the case of a price refinement,k this is the price range. Ranges are enclosed by parentheses and separated by ".."; for example, "(100..999)" and "(Aa..Fa)" are valid ranges.
values [ProductSearchRefinementValue]   The array of hierarchical refinement values. This array can be empty.
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