PublicProductList document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Property Type Constraints Description
co_registrant ProductListRegistrant   The coRegistrant of this product list.
creation_date Date   Returns the value of attribute 'creationDate'.
description String   The description of this product list.
event ProductListEvent   The event of this product list.
id String minLength=1 The id of this product list.
items_link ProductSimpleLink   The resource link to the items of this product list.
last_modified Date   Returns the value of attribute 'lastModified'.
name String   The name of this product list.
product_list_items [PublicProductListItem]   The product list items
product_list_shipping_address ProductListShippingAddress   The abbreviated shipping address of this product list representing what anonymous user can see.
public Boolean   Indicates whether the owner made this product list available for access by other customers.
registrant ProductListRegistrant   The registrant of this product list.
type Enum {wish_list, gift_registry, shopping_list, custom_1, custom_2, custom_3}   The type of the product list.