ShippingItem document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a shipping item.

Property Type Constraints Description
adjusted_tax Decimal   The tax of the product item after adjustments applying.
base_price Decimal   The base price for the line item, which is the price of the unit before applying adjustments, in the purchase currency. The base price may be net or gross of tax depending on the configured taxation policy.
item_id String   The item identifier. Use this to identify an item when updating the item quantity or creating a custom price adjustment for an item.
item_text String   The text describing the item in more detail.
price Decimal   The price of the line item before applying any adjustments. If the line item is based on net pricing then the net price is returned. If the line item is based on gross pricing then the gross price is returned.
price_adjustments [PriceAdjustment]   Array of price adjustments. Can be empty.
price_after_item_discount Decimal   The price of the product line item after applying all product-level adjustments. For net pricing the adjusted net price is returned. For gross pricing, the adjusted gross price is returned.
shipment_id String   The identifier of the shipment to which this item belongs.
tax Decimal   The tax of the product item before adjustments applying.
tax_basis Decimal   The price used to calculate the tax for this product item.
tax_class_id String   The tax class ID for the product item or null if no tax class ID is associated with the product item.
tax_rate Decimal   The tax rate, which is the decimal tax rate to be applied to the product represented by this item.