Store document (Shop API 19.10)

(supports custom properties)

Document representing a store.

Property Type Constraints Description
address1 String minLength=1 The first address of the store.
address2 String   The second address of the store.
city String   The city of the store.
country_code String   The country code of the store.
distance Decimal   The distance to the given geo location in the unit of attribute distance (miles or kilometers).
distance_unit String   The distance unit the distance attribute is measured in (either in miles or kilometers).
email String   The email address of the store.
fax String   The fax number of the store.
id String mandatory=true, maxLength=256, minLength=1, nullable=false The id of the store.
image String   The store image.
inventory_id String maxLength=256 The inventory list id associated with this store.
latitude Decimal maxNumberValue=90.0, minNumberValue=-90.0 The latitude of the store.
longitude Decimal maxNumberValue=180.0, minNumberValue=-180.0 The longitude of the store.
name String   The store name.
phone String   The phone number of the store.
pos_enabled Boolean   Whether this store uses Store Point-of-Sale.
postal_code String   The postal code of the store.
state_code String   The state code of the store.
store_events Localized<String>   The store events.
store_hours Localized<String>   The store opening hours.
store_locator_enabled Boolean   Whether this store should show up in store locator results.