OCAPI resource data formats 20.10

The Open Commerce API currently supports two data formats for resources: JSON and XML. JSON is the default format, but you can explicitly specify XML.

How you specify a format depends on the underlying HTTP method. For GET requests, you provide a value for the URL request parameter format (valid values are json and xml). For POST, PUT, and PATCH requests, you provide a value for the HTTP header content-type (valid values are application/json, application/xml, and text/xml). The HTTP header content-type has precedence over the URL request parameter format.

Note: The Open Commerce API supports character encoding in UTF-8 only.
X OCAPI obsolete versions 13.x and 14.x will be end of life in 2020 and versions 15.x and 16.x in 2021. For dates and more information, see the OCAPI versioning and deprecation policy and this Knowledge Article.
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