Order Management supports 128 currencies for processing orders, payments, and invoices, and for item pricing, reports, email, and collections. Currency refers to the money or 'medium of exchange' used in a country, such as U.S. Dollars, British Pound Sterling, or European Euros. Currencies that can be used in Order Management can be specified and enabled. A maximum of 10 currencies can be shown at a time on the Currency page. Use the scroll bar when there are more than 10 currencies.

You can specify and enable the available currencies in Customer Service Center (Currencies dropdown list) when creating an order or retrieving pricing information from Salesforce B2C Commerce. The use of multiple currencies is optional. When multiple currencies are enabled, the currency used for payment on an order can be changed in the Customer Service Center.

Note: If you don't select a currency, Customer Service Center, Fulfillment Center, and Retail Center use the currency determined by the selected base locale. For example, if the base locale is French - France, then the currency is EUR. The base currency, defined in Settings > Preferences > General > Defaults, reflects the lead system currency and is used to calculate total currencies (of multiple orders) in Queues totals.

To create currencies, follow these steps:

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Preferences > General .
  2. Click Currencies.
  3. Enter a name in the text box and click Add. The new currency label is added to the list.
    Note: A currency label can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon (???).
  4. Click the link for the new label (the initial label is the name you entered). A form appears where you can edit its parameters:
    • Code
    • Visible checkbox
    • Exchange Rate

    See the following table for descriptions of the fields and buttons.

  5. To enable the currencies in the list, click the Enabled checkbox .
  6. Click Update.

The following table describes the parameter fields and buttons on the Currencies page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Currency dropdown Dropdown list that represents specific currencies used in the Order Management user interface.

For example, Euro

Add button Adds the desired currency.

For example, US Dollar

Enabled checkbox If selected, enables the use of currencies on the user interface pages.
Label link A name for the currency based on the currency selected from the dropdown list. Select this link to edit the Visible checkbox and the Exchange Rate parameter fields.
Code The identifier for the currency. Usually, this code is standardized and can't be changed.

For example, USD.

Visible checkbox If selected, the currency is available in the user interface page. By default, this box isn't checked.
Exchange Rate A text field where you can enter an exchange rate, if desired.
Update button Updates the system with the currency information.
Trash can icon ( ??? ) Deletes a currency label from the list.
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