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Customer Manager

The Customer Manager can be used to track and manage Customers and communication with them in Order Management. The Customers Manager dashboard contains a Customer Summary section and Customer Maintenance section. See Queues for details on the Customer Queues, which are used to track and manage Customers.

There are multiple ways to create a Customer record: To access the Customer Manager, select Customer Manager from the Customers accordion menu. The Customer Manager page appears. From here you can do the following:

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The following table describes the components of the Customer Manager dashboard. Any column heading that is underlined can be used to sort the results.

Fields and Buttons Description
Customer Search form and Search button Includes the following controls for searching for Customers or narrowing the shown list of Customers. To narrow the list, set the controls and click Search. For a description of the search results display, see Customer Search Results.
  • Tag: A dropdown list to search for Customers based on the Tag names.
  • Type: A dropdown list to search by Customer or Organization
  • A dropdown list to search by Customer Code, Name, Email, or Phone Number.
  • Postal Code: The Postal Code of the Customer. This Postal Code is based on Locale. See Localization.
  • Quick Search: A dropdown list to search based on a Customer's workflow state.
  • Flag: Flag color for the Customer that needs further review. Select to show a color or “CHK” from the list.
Customer Summary section Lists the number of Customers currently in Waiting Approval state.
  [view] link Shows the full list of search results of Customer records in the selected state. See Customer Search Results for details on the various actions that can be performed on this page.
New Organization link Shows the Add Customer page with the word "Organization" in the Last Name field included. Overwrite "Organization" with the name of the organization that you want to associate with a Customer. Organizations are created in the same manner as a Customer. Customers are added an Organization via the Organization record using a customer code, name, or email. An Organization is a grouping of Customers. Customer records can be attached to an Organization in the Organization record to inherit the treatments and privileges afforded to the Organization. Organizations can be attached to a Price Level.

See Add Customer Page.

New Customer link Shows the Add Customer page with the word "Customer" in the Last Name field included. Overwrite "Customer" with the Customer's last name.

Order Management automatically assigns a password at the time a Customer record is created, and automatically emails that password to the Customer. You can change the customer password in the Customer Record. The Customer can change it by selecting a link embedded in the automated email from Order Management.

See Add Customer Page.

Customer Maintenance section Shows the Customer maintenance action in the Action dropdown menu. For example, Set empty passwords.
  Action dropdown A dropdown list containing the Set empty passwords action. This action assigns a default password to any Customer record without a password.
Run Action button Click to perform the Set empty passwords action.
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