General provider

The General provider includes settings that relate to auction sales and to template layouts. They are important if you are selling products via eBay auctions.

The following table describes the settings, fields, and buttons for the General Provider’s Object Configuration page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Profile drop-down A list of custom profiles where you can assign a profile to the object (company, catalog, or site) for the General provider. See Configuring Providers.
Setting drop-down A list of all the available auction sales and template layout settings for that provider. Auction settings are used as defaults for auctions as follows:
  • Company Info: Free-form text field
  • Misc Information: Free-form text field
  • MSRP Info: Free-form text field
  • MSRP Discount Info: Free-form text field
  • Terms & Conditions: Free-form text field
  • Purchase Price: Free-form text field
  • Reserve Price: Free-form text field
  • Start Price: Free-form text field

Layout settings include:

  • Custom1 – Custom6 (use in your own template designs): Free-form text fields
  • Image List Height: A free-form text field that is used to constrain image height in a template
  • Image List Width: A free-form text field that is used to constrain image proportions in a template
  • Image List Limit: A free-form text field that is used to constrain the number of images in a template
  • Image List Suppress Main Image: A checkbox to select to suppress the main image in an image list result set
Add Individual Setting button Click to add the selected setting related to action sales and to template layouts. The selected setting appears in the Object Configuration list.
Settings List Identifies the Group, Label, and Data fields. Most Data fields are free-form text fields. Only the Image List Suppress Main Image setting is a checkbox.
Trash can icon (???) Deletes the setting in the list.
Help icon (???) Provides a definition of the setting.
Update button Saves the setting changes.
Cancel button Closes the page without saving the changes.
Clear Configuration button Clears all settings.
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