Invoice Details

Order Management maintains detailed records of each invoice that you enter into the system. The Invoice details page contains all the relevant information regarding the invoice associated with customer orders. You can progress the workflow of the invoice, such as Approve, Payment, File. On the Invoice details page, you can perform the following actions:

To view or update the Invoice details page, follow these steps:

  1. In the Accounting accordion menu, select Invoice Manager. The Invoice Manager dashboard appears. See Invoice Manager.
  2. Search or locate the Invoices. The Invoice search results appear. See Invoice Search Results.
  3. Click the ID link for the Invoice record from the Invoice search results. The Invoice details page appears.

From this page, you can view and manage the invoice information.

The following table describes the components that appear on the Invoice detail page:
Components Description
New Credit Memo button Generates a credit memo associated with an invoice and shows its details.
Print button Prints the Invoice report, which summarizes the open invoices and outstanding balances for that customer.
Note: Any item- or order-level price adjustments are reflected on this report.
Void button Voids the invoice, unapplies any payments, deletes transactions that belong to this invoice, and voids any shipping orders associated with it.
Approve, Payment, File buttons Click one of these buttons to progress the workflow status of the invoice.
Advance Workflow icon ( ) Suspends or unsuspends the Invoice.
Suspend or Unsuspend icon ( or ) Suspends or unsuspends the Invoice based on workflow state.
Lock or Unlock icon ( or ) Locks (prevents editing) or unlocks the Invoice record.
Flag icon () A flag color for the order that needs further review. Select to show a color or “CHK” from the list.
Currency The currency used for the payment on the invoice.
System Alerts (if any) Display system-generated alerts that require intervention and action before progressing the record.
Clear Alerts button Clears the shown alerts.
General Information and Billing Info sections Displays customer information including: ID, Name, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Price, Tier, Default Terms, Credit limit, Backorder checkbox, and Billing and Shipping Addresses. The address format is based on the country selected in the Country and Ship Country dropdown lists.
Extended Attributes section Displays any extended attributes that were applied to the order and the values set for each. The dropdown list is populated with the attributes configured in the Attribute Manager.
  Attribute dropdown A dropdown list of Attributes that you can add.
Add button Click to add the single Attribute selected.
Add All button Click to add all Attributes in the dropdown list.
Items section Lists the status of each Item including the Item Code, Description, Qty, Currency, Unit Price, Tax, and Extended Price. If you click the item link, the Item detail page opens.
Note: Item price adjustments:
  • If price adjustments were applied from Salesforce B2C Commerce or Order Management, the adjusted amount appears with a description for each Item on the Invoice.
  • To edit item price information, click Edit on the top right of the Items section, then click the Edit icon () for the item you want to edit. A window opens with the Item price fields.

The Price Adjustment field in the Summary section rolls up the total order-level price adjustment's net amount.

Summary section Shows a summary of all the costs, including the amount due from the customer on the Invoice. Details include:
  • Sub Total of unit price of Items.
  • Price Adjustment: Price adjustments applied at the Order level. If you hover over the Information icon (), the price adjustment details are provided (Description, Unit Price, Tax, and Extended Price). This icon is only visible if adjustments are part of the Invoice.
    Note: Order price adjustments: If you want to edit the Order-level price adjustment information, click the Edit button on the top right of the Summary section. A window opens with the price adjustment fields. See Edit Invoice Price Adjustments.

    When there are split shipments, the price adjustment total on the Invoice reflects only the adjustments for items on that shipping order.

  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Tax
  • Total (with currency label)
  • Amount due
Note: See Value Added Tax for details on the net and gross taxation policies.
Transactions section Displays all payment transactions, including payments that were captured or authorized, and credits. In this section, you can apply various credits and charges. You can delete a transaction using the trash can icon ().
  Auto Apply Payments button Automatically applies payments to the invoice as they are received. Enable or disable this functionality to occur automatically in Order Preferences. You can delete a transaction using the trash can icon ()
Ensure Funds button Captures the funds for the transaction. It's then shown in the list of transactions with payment as the transaction type. You can configure your order workflow to ensure that funds have been collected at any of several different stages. An order doesn't proceed beyond the Ensure Funds step until payment has been made.
Type dropdown A dropdown list where you can select the transaction type including:
  • Apply Credit Memo
  • Bounced Check
  • Credit Adjustment
  • Debit Adjustment
  • Discount
  • Finance Charge
  • Prepayment
  • Write Off
Amount Enter the transaction amount.
Description Enter a description of the transaction.
Add Transaction button Adds the transaction to the list. The outstanding amount of the Invoice is increased or decreased, according to the selected transaction type.
Details section Contains tabs with the following invoice-related information, which provides useful payment information.
  Linked Orders tab Shows related objects such as shipping and purchase orders, and the object type, such as exchange or reship order. Orders with an asterisk (*) refer to orders that are linked to the same customer but not the current order being viewed (indirectly related orders).
Payments tab Displays all payments associated with the invoice.
Shipments tab Displays shipments associated with the invoice.
Linked Credits tab Displays credit memos associated with the invoice.
Activity tab Displays and enables the creation of activities on the Invoice. To add an activity to the invoice to record this action, click Add to open the Activity detail page. Enter the information and click Update.
Emails tab Displays and enables the creation of emails on the invoice. To send an email regarding this action, click the New button to open the Email page. Enter the information including the destination address and subject, and click Send.
System Events tab Displays system events on the invoice.
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