Object Configuration Table

The Order Management Object configuration table identifies whether attributes, custom tags, or configuration can be associated to specific objects. See Order Management Objects for details on flags and variables for each.

Note: In order for an attribute to appear in the list of attributes for an object, it must be associated with that object. See Attributes.
Object type Attributes Custom tags Configuration
Auction No Yes Yes
Batch Yes No No
Customer Yes Yes Yes
Delivery Yes Yes No
Fulfillment Site Yes Yes Yes
Gift Card Yes Yes No
Gift Card Transaction Yes No No
Invoice Yes Yes No
Invoice Item Yes No No
Item Yes Yes Yes
Item Serialized Yes Yes No
Order Yes Yes Yes
Order Item Yes No No
Payment Yes No No
Payment Transaction Yes No No
Purchase Order Yes Yes No
Return Yes Yes No
Return Item Yes No No
Return Order Yes Yes No
Return Order Item Yes No No
ShippingOrder Yes Yes No
Site Location No Yes No
Vendor Yes Yes Yes