Order Entry

A Sales Order is an Order Management Object that represents an order placed by a customer. If the Sales Order includes physical products that must be shipped, and then one or more Shipping Orders is generated.

The Order Entry tool can be used to check the status and manage Sales Orders as they move through the Order Management workflows. This can be done on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis. The Order Entry tool features a main dashboard that summarizes Order states as well as lists incomplete orders. See Queues for details on the queues.

The lifecycle of an order in Order Management can be described as a series of states and actions. Some of these might be optional or might occur in a different sequence, based on the particular system configuration. In addition, some actions might be configured to occur automatically or to be performed manually. See The Order Management Lifecycle for details on actions that can be taken at each step in the process. Note that some actions can be configured to occur automatically or to be performed manually. See Preferences for setting up the system-wide settings.

To access the Order Entry tool, click Order Entry from the Sales accordion menu in the left navigation panel. The Order Entry page appears. From here you can view the status of an Order as well as orders that are incomplete. Then you can view the individual records to progress an Order or address an Order that requires attention, such as an Alerted Order. See Reviewing Order and Payment Statuses in the Administration Module.

Note: The base system Currency appears for summary totals even if a Order Management user logs into Order Management using a user profile for a different Locale. See Multiple Currencies for details on viewing summary totals in the base system Currency.

The following table describes the primary elements of the Order Entry dashboard.

Fields and Buttons Description
Left Navigation menu Contains the accordion menu of functional areas that you can access to configure and manage the Order Management modules and workflows.
Order Summary section Shows the number of Sales Orders and the total Currency amounts. Order Summary includes the following: Alerted Orders, Orders Waiting Completion, Orders Waiting Authorization,Orders Waiting Approval, Orders Waiting Allocation,Orders Waiting Fulfillment, Unreconciled Orders. Click [view] for the full list in that state. Click the Summary title link and it opens the Order Manager.
New Order Link Opens the Order details page so you can create a new Sales Order. See Creating New Sales Orders in the Administration Module.
Note: Creating Orders in the Administration module isn't the standard method to create an Order. Orders are typically created in Customer Service Center or via merchant websites.
Incomplete Orders section Shows the orders that are incomplete and require attention.
Incomplete Order link Opens the Order detail page. The record is titled with the Order number and 'Incomplete'. The tabs with the exclamation point ( ) are still incomplete. Click on each tab to complete or use the <<Back or Next>> buttons to move through the tabs. Complete this information and then click Save & Exit. Or to discard the Order, click Delete.
[view] links In each Summary section, the number of records in each workflow state appears. For example if you click [view] for the Alerted Orders in the Order Summary section, a list of all orders (in all states) that have alerts appears. Click on the link for that Order record, and the Order detail page appears with a description of the alert.
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