Users - Security Manager

Order Management supports multiple user roles, each with a predefined view of the system. You can create new user accounts and assign one or more Roles to each account. A new Order Management user requires a user account with the appropriate access permissions before performing operations in the Administration module, Customer Service Center, Fulfillment Center, or Retail Center. See Managing User Accounts and Roles.

Note: Users cannot have read-only permission to access the Order Management Administration module.

Order Management user accounts in Account Manager are now part of the centralized account management in Commerce Cloud. This allows a unified authentication user profile and password in Account Manager and Order Management. You must create regular user accounts in Account Manager and give them either the Order Management Administrator or Order Management User role. However, you still create service and reporting user accounts in Order Management Administration.

To create a user account in Order Management Administration, follow these steps:

  1. In the Settings accordion menu, select Security.
  2. Click Users. The Security Manager opens.
  3. From here, you can search for a user or create a new user. Each account is assigned security permissions for access control.
    • To create a user, click New User. The Edit User page opens where you can enter the user information, email address, and assign roles to the user. Then click Update.
    • To search for a user account, use the search form at the top of the page to find an existing user account and then click Search. See User Account Listing.

The following table describes the fields and buttons on the Security Manager page.

Fields and Buttons Description

New User button

Creates a new user.

Site drop-down

The site associated with that user account, if appropriate.


The user name for the user account.

Last Name

The last name of the user.

Security Level drop-down

The pre-configured security levels (roles), such as Store, Warehouse, Administrator, Power User, to assign to the user account. See Security Roles Manager.

Search button

Initiates the search process.

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