Shipping Order Manager

The Shipping Order Manager can be used to manage Shipping Orders in Order Management. The Shipping Order Manager dashboard contains the Shipping Order Summary with Shipping Orders in the various workflow states including: Allocated (Created), Waiting Authorization (optional), Waiting Approval (optional), Waiting Assignment (optional), Waiting Pick/Pack (optional), Waiting Fulfillment, Waiting Filing (optional), Closed. In addition you can create a new Shipping Order by selecting one or more Sales Orders in Waiting Allocation state and clicking the Create Shipping Order button. See Creating Shipping Orders in the Administration Module.

You might want to search for Shipping Orders on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis to monitor and manage the status of one or more Shipping Orders. See Searching for Sales Orders, Shipping Orders, and Payments. For example, you might want to search for:

After you search for a Shipping Order, you can perform actions on the selected Shipping Order(s) in the search results. See the appropriate section of the Operations online help for steps to perform the various actions including:
Note: See Handling Allocations and Fulfillment for all Shipping Order operations that can be done in the Administration module. You can also fulfill a single Shipping Order using the Shipping Portal. See Shipping Portal and Fulfilling Shipping Orders in the Shipping Portal in the Administration Module.
See Shipping Order Search Results for details on the various actions that can be performed on this page.

To access the Shipping Manager, select Shipping Manager from the Fulfillment accordion menu. The Shipping Manager page appears. From here you can create and manage Shipping Orders.

Note: There are some situations where you might need to create a Shipping Order manually in the Administration module. One example is when an assigned Shipping Order can't be fulfilled and needs to be voided and recreated for a different site or when a Sales order that has not yet been allocated in the Orders Manager. See Creating Shipping Orders in the Order Manager.

The following table describes the components of the Shipping Manager dashboard:

Fields and Buttons Description
Shipping Order Summary section Shows the Shipping Order Queues, which show the number of Shipping Orders in the workflow states including: Waiting Authorization, Waiting Approval, Waiting Assignment, Waiting Pick/Pack, Waiting Shipment, and Waiting Filing.
  [view] link Shows the full list of search results of Shipping Order records in the selected workflow state. See Shipping Order Search Results for details on the various actions that can be performed on this page.
New Shipping Order link A ListView of Orders in Waiting Allocation state appears. From here you can select one or more Orders, and click the Create Shipping Order button. The new Shipping Order(s) are created. You can view the Shipping Order(s) in the Shipping Order Search Results.
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