Shipping Portal

The Shipping Portal can be used to manage individual Shipping Orders in Order Management. The Shipping Order Manager dashboard sorts the open Shipping Orders into tabs based on their workflow step including Waiting Assignment, Pick/Pack, and All Ship List. Shipping Orders can be assigned, marked as packed and fulfilled using the bulk actions by checking the boxes next to a shipping order. Pick Sheets and Pack Sheets might also be printed in bulk. See Fulfilling Shipping Orders in the Shipping Portal in the Administration Module. See also Shipping Order Queues for information on the Queues.

You might want to search for Shipping Orders on a daily, weekly, or as-needed basis to monitor and manage the status of one or more Shipping Orders. See Searching for Sales Orders, Shipping Orders, and Payments.

To access the Shipping Portal, select Shipping Portal from the Fulfillment accordion menu. The Shipping Portal page appears. A list of Shipping Orders that are ready to be fulfilled appears. If no Shipping Orders appear, then there are no Shipping Orders ready to be fulfilled. To investigate the status of Shipping Orders, open the Shipping Manager in the Fulfillment accordion menu. See Shipping Manager.

The following table describes the components of the Shipping Portal listing:

Fields and Buttons Description
Search form fields Searches for an Shipping Order using the Search form at the top of the Shipping Portal page. Select one or more of the search fields including: Type (Standard or Dropship), Tag, Catalog, Site, Shipper or Flag.
Search results listing with tabs A listing of all Shipping Orders waiting to be fulfilled are listed by Waiting Assignment, All PickPack, and All Ship List tabs. The Shipping Order ID, Catalog (C), Site (S), Date, Customer, Currency, Total price, and workflow status are listed.
Note: The currency symbol and currency code reflect the base system currency. See Multiple Currencies in the Internationalization online help.
Waiting Assignment tab Lists all Shipping Orders waiting assignment of a user to fulfill the order.
Assign Orders button Assigns the Shipping Order.
All PickPack tab Lists all Shipping Orders waiting Pick/Pack.
Order Packed button Packs the Order.
All Ship List tab If you select the All Ship List tab and select one or more Shipping Orders, the selected Shipping Orders appear below the full list. The list of selected Shipping Orders includes fields for Date, Cost, Method, and Tracking # for each Order. The current Date and selected Shipping Method for each Order is pre-populated in those fields. Edit them and add shipping costs and tracking numbers if desired. Then click Create Shipments. to fulfill the selected Orders.
Create Shipment button Opens the Shipping Orders details page where you can perform a number of operations including editing, adding, applying promotions.
Quick Search by Shipping Order # and Locate button If you know the number of the Shipping Order you want to fulfill, and the list of Orders is very long, you can select it by entering the number in the Quick Search by Shipping Order # field and clicking Locate. This opens the Order Details page.
Shipping Order ID link Opens the Shipping Orders details page where you can perform a number of operations including editing, adding, applying promotions
Pick or Pack drop-down A drop-down list that lets you select the Pick or Pack operation you want to perform. Options include Pick Sheet (Group), Pick Sheet, Pack Labels, Pack Sheet.
Print button Prints pack sheets for the selected Orders. First select the Pick or Pack option from the drop-down list and then click Print. The sheet or labels appear so you can print. For example, if you selected Pack Sheet from the drop-down list, then a Pack Sheet appears.
Check All button Selects all record boxes. The page is refreshed with actions that can be performed as described above.
Clear All button Clears all selected record boxes.
Check Page button Selects all selected record boxes on the page that appears.
Clear Page button Clears all selected record boxes on the page that appears.
Excel spreadsheet icon ( ) Shows the search results in an Excel spreadsheet.
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