Transfer Inventory

The Transfer Inventory tool lets you transfer On Hand inventory of an item between sites. See Transferring Inventory Between Sites in the Administration Module for detailed steps on the inventory transfer process.

To access the Transfer Inventory tool, click Transfer on the Inventory accordion menu in the left navigation panel. The Transfer Inventory page appears.

The following table describes the components of the Transfer Inventory page:

Fields and Buttons Description
Source Site drop-down A drop-down list that lets you select a site from which to transfer inventory. The Inventory list refreshes and shows all inventory Items at the selected Site.
Destination Site drop-down A drop-down list that lets you select the destination site for the inventory.
Transfer Qty A text field to enter the quantity of each item you want to transfer.
Transfer button Click Transfer to transfer the selected quantity of that item from the source site to the destination site. If you enter a value greater than the On Hand amount at the source site, the entered amount is transferred, leaving a negative quantity at the source site. Because the source site On Hand quantity is less than one, the item no longer appears in the Inventory list for that site on this page.
Cancel button Discards the inventory transfer and returns to the Transfer Inventory page.
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