Auction Details

Order Management integrates with eBay to sell Items via online Auctions. Order Management maintains detailed records of each Auction that you enter into the system. The Auction details page contains all the relevant information regarding an Auction organized by section. From this page, you can manage the following Auction information:

To access the Auctions detail page, follow these steps:

  1. In the Main (Marketing or Sales) accordion menu, open the Auction Manager.
  2. Browse or search for Auctions.
  3. Select an Auction by clicking its ID. The Auction details dialog opens.
Note: For information on using the fields and controls in this page, see Managing and Editing Existing Auctions in the Auction Manager.

This table describes the fields and buttons on the Auction details page.

Section Description
Auction Information Header Shows the following information about the Auction:
  • Auction Title and Item information
  • Back to Item button. Clicking this button opens the Item details page.
  • Item number and Auction ID. Clicking the Item number opens the Item details dialog.
  • Auction Type
  • Catalog
eBay Info Panel Shows the following eBay information for the Auction:
  • Length
  • Quantity
  • Purchase Price
  • Launch Date
  • Launch Option (Normal Batching or Priority)
  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Featured
  • Bold Title
  • Highlight
  • Featured Plus!
  • Home Page Featured
  • Preview Template button
  • Update button
  • Send to Auction button
Auction History Panel Lists all Auctions for the Item associated with the Auction, including relists. It includes the following fields:
  • Type
  • Code
  • Qty
  • Starting
  • Reserve
  • Purchase
  • Launch
  • End
  • Close
  • Status
  • Delete button (click to remove the action from the history)
  • List refresh buttons:
    • Clear Relists
    • Scan Transactions
    • Refresh Auction
    • Refresh Essentials
Auction Detail Includes the following informational tabs:
  • Linked Orders
  • Activity
  • Emails
  • System Events
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