Order Management supports the use of custom promotions that allow various types of discounts. Promotions can take the form of automatic sale pricing, or they can use coupon codes.

Note: If you are retrieving pricing and promotions data from a sales channel such as Salesforce B2C Commerce, promotions in Order Management are ignored.

For information on creating and managing Promotions, see Creating and Managing Promotions.

To access Promotions, select Promotions in the Marketing accordion menu. On the Promotions page, you can search for or browse the Promotions in your system.

This topic includes the following sections:

Promotions Dashboard

The following table describes the components of the Promotions dashboard:

Fields and Buttons Description
Promotion Search Form This panel includes the following controls for searching for Promotions or narrowing the shown list of Promotions. To narrow the list, set the controls and click Search For a description of the search results display, see Promotion Search Results.
  • Catalog: A dropdown list to search for Promotions based on Catalog names.
  • Item Code: A dropdown list to search based on specific criterion types. When the criterion type is selected, enter search terms based on it. Wildcard searches can be made using the percent (%) symbol, which represents zero or more characters. The following options are available:
    • Item Code
    • Promotion Code
  • Quick Search: A dropdown list to search based on a Promotion’s workflow state.
    • Active
    • Inactive
    • Closed
    • Public
    • Shared Private
    • Multiple Private Codes
    • Global Item Applicability
    • Limited Item Applicability
New Promotion button Click to create a Promotion. See Creating New Promotions.
Promotion Search Results section See Promotion Search Results.

Promotion Search Results

When viewing a list of Promotions, the following fields are included:

Field Description
Promotion Code The code that identifies the Promotion. Click the code to open the Promotion Details dialog for that Promotion. See Promotion Details.
Catalog The Catalog containing the Promotion items.
Description A text description of the Promotion.
Start The date on which the Promotion takes effect.
End The date on which the Promotion ended or ends.
Order The priority of the Promotion in cases where multiple Promotions are in effect.
Actions The date on which the Auction ended or ends.
Status The status of the Promotion.

Promotion Details

The Promotion details page includes the following sections:

Note: For information on using the fields and controls in this dialog, see Managing and Editing Existing Promotions in the Auction Manager.
Section Description
General Information Shows the following information about the Promotion:
  • Catalog dropdown
  • Code
  • Active checkbox
  • Description
  • Eligibility:
    • Public
    • Shared Private Code
      • Single Use Per Customer checkbox
    • Multiple Private Codes, Single Use
      • Code browsing links
      • [New Codes] link opens the Create Promotion Codes dialog
      • Manage link opens the Promotion Codes Manager dialog.
    • User Defined field
    • Price Offering dropdowns
    • Duration dropdown (with date/ time fields)
    • Order
Applicable Items Shows the Applies To dropdown and a list of Item Codes that the Promotion applies to or that the Promotion doesn't apply to. Click Add/ Remove Items to open the Edit Included Items dialog and add or remove Items from the list.
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