Inventory Management

Order Management manages the inventory levels of physical items in real time by tracking the following levels for each Item:

The on hand, on hold, and on order quantities are tracked by site. You can manually override the on hand and on hold quantities in the Inventory Manager.

Order Management doesn't track inventory levels for items that are sourced as needed from third-party vendors via drop-ship/purchase order.

Each item is also assigned one of the following inventory statuses:

Note: Order Management doesn't accept orders for items that are out of stock or that are waiting approval.

Backorders and Preorders

Items can be defined as backorderable, which lets orders be placed for them regardless of the actual on-hand quantity. Backorders can be unlimited or can be controlled via backorder authorizations. Setting the Backorderable flag on an item in the Administration module, with no further configuration, lets unlimited orders be placed for that item. Backorders can also be limited to a certain quantity or a certain time period, which must be managed using the Backorder Authorization Import Job.

Note: If you limit backorders to a certain quantity, then the on-hand quantity is ignored when determining item availability. For example, if an item is limited to 30 backorder authorizations, and 10 units are on hand, the system allows 30 orders to be placed for that item. The on-hand quantity is still decremented as items are shipped and incremented as items are received.

Preorders are managed via backorder authorizations rather than through a separate preorder status. To identify items that are available as preorders, you can create a custom tag or attribute and assign it to them.

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