Customer Search Results Listing

When the Customer Service Representative selects the search criteria and clicks Search, customer search results are listed. There is a limit of 250 results.

From here, duplicate customer records can be merged into a single customer record.

This table describes the links and buttons that appear on the Customer Search Results listing.

Links and Buttons Description
Page Indicators and Navigation Arrows ??? ??? Progresses to a specific page in the series of pages or to the Next ???page or Previous ???page.
Column links Sorts the customers based on the selected column link.
Customer ID link Shows the Customer Information page.
Column headings Columns on this page include the following information on each order listed:
  • Checkbox to select a customer to merge customers into a single record. See Merge Customers button.
  • ID of the customer. Click on link to open the Customer Information page.
  • Tag of order (T). A tag is a custom constant value that acts as an identifier for Objects. An example of a tag might be 'Domestic Sale Only', which could be assigned to items that can't be shipped outside the country. Click the T link to sort orders by tag.
  • Type of customer (customer or organization)
  • Name of the customer
  • Address of the customer
  • Phone number of the customer
  • Email of the customer
  • Status of the order. Click on link to sort orders by status.
  • Flag color for the order that might need further review at a future time. Select to show a color or “CHK” from the list.
Merge Customers button Merges duplicate records into a single customer record when multiple customer records exist. Select the customer records that you want to merge, and then click the Merge Customers button. The message “Customers Merged successfully into customer XXXX.”
Note: You can also merge records in the Administration module. See Merge Customers in the Administration module online help.

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