Return items

When the customer service representative selects Find Order from the top menu or the Actions menu, the Existing Order Search page appears to permit a search for an existing customer order.

From the Items section of the Order details page, one or more items in an order can be returned.

The following table describes the fields and buttons that appear on the Return Items page.

Fields and Buttons Description
Cancel/Return from the Action drop-down (for the item) Specifies each item being returned. This creates a return. See Creating Returns in Customer Service Center for information on creating returns.
Note: If the Item has not yet been shipped, this cancels it from the order.
Quantity The quantity of the item to return.
Reason drop-down The reason from the drop-down list. Available reasons include:
  • Unknown
  • Customer cancel
  • Warehouse cancel
  • Fraud prevention cancel
  • Admin cancel
Include checkbox A checkbox to select the shipping charge in the credit amount. The per-item shipping amount appears here.

This field appears if shipping/handling was charged on the item.

Return to Inventory checkbox A checkbox to return the item to inventory. This adjusts the item's on-hand quantity appropriately and notes an activity on the item that the inventory was adjusted due to a return on the order.
Note: This option is pre-configured in Settings > Providers in the Administration module.
Inventory checkbox and Return to Inventory drop-down

These fields only appear if the Return Order module is disabled and the Restock Item is enabled in the Customer Service provider in the Administration module.

Allows the Customer Service agent to specify the warehouse site name at that time an item is being returned to inventory. The site name is then included on the return credit memos. In this scenario, when more than one item in the order is being returned, the same site name must be selected for all items being returned. If different sites are needed, separate returns are required.

Restocking Fee checkbox A checkbox to subtract a restocking fee from the credit amount. Enter an amount in the text field.
Note: This option is Settings > Providers in the Administration module.
Calculate button Calculates the amount to be credited to the customer. A credit form appears.
Eligible Credit Destination form Specifies a credit destination including:
  • Original Payment Method
  • Gift Card
  • None (Credit Memo)
Reason for Adjustment form

Captures and annotates the communication with the customer and the reason for the adjustment:

  • Activity Code
  • Result Code
  • Subject
  • Notes
Submit button Submits the return and create a return order. The new Return Order is listed in the Return Orders section of the Order details page with a status of 'Waiting Receiving'.
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