Searching for a Customer in Customer Service Center

You can search for an existing customer when creating or managing a sales order in Customer Service Center.

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center: click Find Customer from the top menu or the Actions menu.
    You can also search for a customer when creating a new sales order using the search fields on the Find Customer panel.
  2. On the Find Customer search page, use the search criteria fields along the top of the page to filter your search results. Use more than one search criteria to refine your search results.

    For example, locate an existing customer by entering a combination of these data elements:

    • Customer number and catalog code
    • Phone number
    • Last name and postal code
    • Email address
  3. Select the search criteria from one or more lists.

    Available search criteria includes:

    • Tag: non-hierarchical list of values assigned to a record.
    • Type: type of order.
    • Customer Code: customer code (CD), name, email, or phone number assigned to the existing customer.
      Note: When searching by phone number, note the following:
      • U.S. and International phone numbers can be searched in the database.
      • The stored phone numbers appear in the user interface in the format in which they were originally saved (no conversion done).
      • Search for partial phone numbers without wildcard characters. For example: if you search for "123" it will retrieve any number where the string "123" appears, such as 5611234567 or 3452341234.
    • Postal Code: postal code, a combination of digits and letters (letters only in non-U.S. locales), which are added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail. Postal code is a free-text field.
    • Quick Search: an order's general state or workflow state.
    • Flag: orders that are flagged with a color or “CHK” (check) flag. These flags can be used to mark an order for future work.
  4. Click Search.
    You can merge duplicate customer records into a single customer record. There is a limit of 250 results in the list.
    A search results box shows the customer IDs, type, customer name, including address, phone, and email information.
  5. Select the customer from the list.

    The Customer Information page opens. The General, Orders, and Activity tabs, which display along the top, enable you to quickly locate general customer information, orders, and activity notes. While most information is for view-only, you can add, change or delete customer information. The tabs enable to do the following:

    • General: view or edit general customer information, billing, shipping, or additional addresses, payment methods, and customer activity notes.
    • Order: view order history related to the customer. If you click the order link, the Order Detail page opens.
    • Activity: view activity and add notes about the customer by the Customer Service Representative.
  6. You can now create a new order, search for an existing order, and handle payments, returns, and exchanges.

Scenarios: Search for a Customer

The following are typical scenarios when searching for a customer in Customer Service Center.

Scenario: search for a customer - additional address
An existing customer requested that all future order shipments be sent to their college address rather than their home address. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) confirms that the customer still wants their home address retained as their billing address.
The CSR must access the customer record, change the shipping address, and move the existing home address to the address book on the Customer Information page.

The CSR performs these steps:

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center: click Find Customer.
  2. Search and locate the existing customer record.
  3. From the General tab, click Edit to change the shipping aAddress.
  4. Uncheck Ship to my Billing Address.
  5. Complete the shipping address in the shipping address fields to update the customer address.
Note: Address format is based on country-specific rules for the included fields and their order of presentation.
Scenario: search for a customer – new payment method
The customer called to remove the existing payment method and replace it with a new payment method.
The CSR must access the customer's record, remove the requested payment method from the customer's record and add a new payment method.

The Customer Service Representative performs these steps:

  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center, click Find Customer.
  2. Search and locate the existing customer record.
  3. From the Payment Methods section:
    • Click the trash can icon (???) to delete the existing payment methods.
    • Click Add to add a new payment method. The Add Payment Method page opens where you can add the new payment method information.
Scenario: search for a customer
An existing customer called to place an order. The CSR asked the customer for their email address to locate the customer record. The CSR has several options for searching for the customer's record.
The CSR performs these steps:
  1. In Order Management Customer Service Center: click New Order from the top menu or the Actions menu.
  2. From the Order entry page opens with the Find Customer panel opens on the left side, search for the customer record. A common search method is to first search by email address. In this scenario, select email from the and enter mary.smith% in the field.
  3. If the email address doesn't generate a customer record, the CSR uses other search criteria, such as name, phone number, postal code, either alone or in a combined search.
  4. You can now follow the steps to create an order.
Note: Perform wildcard searches using the percent symbol (%), which represents zero or more characters.
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