Scenario: Order-Level Appeasements on Unallocated Orders

In this scenario, a $35 product appeasement and a $10 shipping appeasement have been applied to the order, and a corresponding tax appeasement of $2.70 has been automatically added. The pricing fields work the same way regardless of the order's status; only the Status column differs (its contents are unrelated to the credits). The product appeasement is distributed across the order line prices, line-level price adjustments, and order-level price adjustment, prorated by the extended line prices and original price adjustments. For example, the fields for the Office Desk - Black order line are updated as follows:

Order line field Original value Adjusted value
Orig Unit Price $159.19 $151.50
Unit Price $159.19 $151.50
Tax $19.10 $18.18
Ext. Price $318.38 $303.00
Line-level price adjustment $45 $42.83
Line-level price adjustment tax adjustment $2.70 $2.57

The values in the order totals section are also reduced, based on the appeasements:

Order totals field Original value Adjusted value
Subtotal $799.54 $760.91
Price Adj. $75.00 $71.37
Note: The order-level price adjustment is reduced proportionally as part of the $35 appeasement amount.
Shipping $60.00 $50.00
Handling $0.00 $0.00
Tax $47.07 $44.37
Note: In this example, the new taxable amount is the subtotal of $760.91, minus the price adjustment of $71.37, plus the shipping charge of $50.00, for a total of $739.54. The tax of 6% on this amount is $44.37. Note that the total taxable amount isn't shown.
(USD) Total $831.61 $783.91
Note: This behavior has changed from previous releases, where the original order lines would be canceled and replaced with new order lines reflecting the updated prices.
Note: If payment has been captured, then after the Customer Service agent clicks Calculate, the total price difference resulting from the appeasement might appear below the order-level appeasement fields as Total Amount to Credit or Excess Funds, with no change to any other fields. Depending on the configuration, the agent or an Order Management administrator must then submit the refund. See Handling Excess Funds with Payment Captured Before Allocation for details.
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