Even Swaps

This topic illustrates how pricing is handled when an even swap is applied to an order.
Note: Even swaps can't be applied once an order has been allocated. To swap an item after allocation, you must perform a cancel/ return and exchange.

This scenario is based on the following order. Note the $35 item-level price adjustment and the $5 order-level price adjustment.

Item Quantity Unit Price Tax Extended Price
Green Chair, with an item-level promo price adjustment 2 $60.00 - $35.00 promo $7.20 - $2.10 promo $120.00 - $35.00 promo
Subtotal $85.00
Order-level price adjustment -$5.00
Shipping $20.00
Handling $0.00
Tax $6.00
Total $106.00

One of the two green chairs in the original order has been swapped out for a blue chair. The quantity of the original order line has been reduced by one, and a new line item for the blue chair has been added. Note that both the item-level and order-level price adjustments are proportionally reduced due to the original item being swapped out. (In order to maintain the price adjustments for the swap replacement item, the user would have to manually add new credits to offset the reduced adjustments.)

Note: If payment has already been captured, then the reduction in the price adjustments causes a new payment to be due. In this case, the Payments section beneath the order details includes an Add Payment for Balance Due form for applying the new payment.

The following table describes the order as it appears in Customer Service Center after the even swap:

Field(s) Calculation
Replacement line item Status The Ordered quantity reflects the new item being swapped for the old item.
Replacement line item prices The prices of the item being swapped in. These match the prices of the item being swapped out. There is no item-level price adjustment.
Original line item Status The Orig. Order reflects the originally ordered quantity of 2. A quantity of 1 was swapped out, so the remaining Ordered quantity is 1.
Original line item prices The unit price values are unchanged. The Tax and Ext. Price fields are recalculated based on the revised ordered quantity of 1.
Original line item price adjustment values The item-level price adjustment is modified proportionally to the change in ordered quantity. In this case, each value is reduced by half.
  • Orig. Unit Price: Reduced from $35.00 to $17.50.
  • Unit Price: Reduced from $35.00 to $17.50.
  • Tax: Reduced from $2.10 to $1.05.
  • Ext. Price: Reduced from $35.00 to $17.50.
Note: To maintain the original price adjustment amounts, a separate credit must be added manually.
Subtotal Recalculated based on the new pricing values. It's equal to the sum of the Ext. Price fields:

$60.00 + $60.00 - $17.50 (price adjustment) = $102.50

Price Adj. The order level price adjustment is reduced proportionally to the reduction in the subtotal. (The order-level price adjustment is considered to be prorated across all the line items by price.) The subtotal has been reduced by half. Reducing the original price adjustment of $5 by half results in the new price adjustment of $2.50.
Shipping When an even swap is applied prior to allocation, the shipping charge is unchanged.
Tax Recalculated based on the new amounts. The taxable amount is calculated as follows:

subtotal - price adjustment + shipping charge

In this example, the taxable amount is the subtotal of $102.50, minus the order-level price adjustment of $2.50, plus the shipping charge of $20.00, for a total of $120.00. The tax of 6% on this amount is $7.20.

Note: The total taxable amount doesn't appear.
(USD) Total Recalculated based on the new amounts as follows:

subtotal - price adjustment + shipping charge + tax

In this example, the total is the subtotal of $102.50, minus the price adjustment of $2.50, plus the shipping charge of $20.00, plus the tax of $7.20, for a total of $127.20.

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