Receiving Deliveries in Inventory Station

Use Receive Delivery to accept deliveries of items and assign them to locations in the warehouse. You can create a new delivery as well as view a list of any open deliveries that need to be completed.

  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: open Inventory Station.
  2. Click Receive Delivery.
    On the Receive Delivery page, you can create a new delivery with the New Delivery link or view a list of open deliveries that need to be completed.
  3. To receive a new delivery, click New Delivery.
    The Receive Delivery window opens.
  4. On the Receive Delivery window, specify the following:
    • Reference: used to identify the delivery.
    • Notes: used to add any relevant details regarding the delivery
  5. Click Next to enter item details.
    The Receive Delivery - Items window opens.
  6. On the Receive Delivery - Items window, specify the following:
    • Item No.: used to select an item
    • Quantity: used to enter a new quantity for the selected item at the selected location (Adjust tab) or the quantity to transfer to the target location (Transfer tab)
    • To Location: used to select a location for the received Items
    1. Perform one of the following actions:
      • Click Receive to receive the currently scanned items.
      • Click Reset to reset the delivery and clear the list.
      • Click Complete to complete the delivery.
      • Click Command Sheet to view the scannable bar codes for various commands.
    2. On the Pending for Location panel, view the received items that have been scanned for the selected location along with the scanned quantities.
    3. Click Clear to remove all items from the list.
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