Managing Packages and Fulfilling Shipping Orders

Use Fulfillment Center to manage the packages shipped for a shipping order and mark the shipping order as fulfilled.
  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: open the Shipping Order Queue.
  2. Use the Search form at the top of the page to find the shipping order you want to fulfill, or select the Waiting Fulfillment tab and browse for the shipping order.

    You can see the shipping orders that are ready to be shipped. This might include shipping orders in various states, depending on which states are enabled in the Order Management workflow. (For example, if approvals, assignment, and pick/pack are not enabled, then a shipping order is set to the Waiting Fulfillment status as soon as it's sent to the fulfillment site.)

  3. To reprint the shipping order paperwork:
    1. Select one or more shipping orders in the list.
    2. Select Print Pack Sheet or Print Pick Sheet (Grouped) from the list in the upper right portion of the page.
    3. Click Print.
  4. To view the details of the shipping order, click the shipping order number.
  5. On the Order Details window for the order, you can edit the following fields:
    • Date
    • Cost
    • Shipping Method
    • Tracking Number
  6. If the shipment is short items, select Pack Qty from the list for that item and configure the quantity to include in this shipment.
    When the shipping order is fulfilled, any shorted items will be removed from this shipment and automatically re-submitted for allocation.
  7. If the shipment is split into multiple packages, specify the Transfer _____ Unit(s) to _____ control for items to be shipped separately.
  8. Click [New Package] if no items are split into a separate packages.
    A new package is generated, which appears beneath existing packages in the Create Shipments panel. The new package is now available in the to drop-downs.
  9. Click Fulfill Order when all packages have been sealed, labeled, and released to the shipping carrier.
    The shipping order is now fulfilled.
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