Configuring Multiple Printers for Batch Printing

You can create the WarehouseBatchPrinter custom attribute in the Administration module to enable warehouse associates to print a specific batch of pack sheets in a fulfillment location.

Configure the custom attributes WarehouseBatchPrinter with values (printer1, printer2) to enable this functionality. This attribute is used in combination with the BatchPrint client to filter batches. You can execute multiple batch printing job tasks to printing at different printers. This attribute must be configured to show a printer or select a printer for batch printing. See Managing Batches of Shipping Orders in Warehouse Manager.

  1. To configure the WarehouseBatchPrinter attribute:
    1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Attributes.
    2. From the Edit Legacy Attribute Information page, enter or select the following required attribute information:
      • Enter WarehouseBatchPrinter in the ID field.
      • Enter Warehouse Batch Printer in the Label and Short Label fields.
      • Enter a description of the attribute (optional), such as "The printers that handle the printing of specific batches of pack sheets." in the Description field.
      • Select the Visible, Publicly Visible, Publicly Searchable, and Publicly Editable check boxes.
      • Select Choice Value and Dropdown List from the Configuration fields.
      • Select Batch from the Object list and click Attach to Object.
    3. Click Update.
  2. To add printers in the Choice Value section:
    1. Add the printer name
    2. Enter each printer name, such as printer1.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Repeat for all the values of the WarehouseBatchPrinter attribute choice values.
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