Base locale

The combination of the language and the country is the base locale. For example, for the French language, you can specify the base locale as follows:

The base locale associates the locale-specific components with the French language. When the base locale is selected, numbers, dates, time, and currency formats are also localized. See Configuring a Base Locale.

Note: Order Management users can view and use Customer Service Center, Fulfillment Center, and Retail Center in English, German, or French.

The base locale and the user locale are interrelated. You can configure a user's preferred locale in Customer Service Center, Fulfillment Center, and Retail Center. See Configuring User Profiles.

These are some considerations:

Note: If product description information is translated into another language, the product descriptions appear in that language.

These are some examples:

Scenario 1: Setting the Base Locale

Scenario: Customer Service Center
A French Customer Service Representative (CSR) receives a call from a French customer who received a sweater from their mother in the United States. The French customer wants to exchange the sweater for a different, higher-priced sweater. Though the order was placed in English, the CSR processes the exchange with the customer using Customer Service Center localized in French.
The CSR in France performs these steps to exchange the item, even though the order was placed in English.
  1. Log into Customer Service Center using the user profile, which is localized in French.
  2. Click Find Return Order to search and locate the order.
  3. On the Order details page, perform steps to exchange the item. See Receiving Returns and Creating Exchange Orders in Customer Service Center.
  4. Because this isn't an even exchange, there is a balance due by the customer. The CSR follows the process to request the additional payment required. Because the order was placed in U.S. dollars, the balance due appears in U.S. dollars and the currency code is USD. However, the display format of the currency is in the format of the CSR's locale. This assists the CSR recognize the currency.

Scenario 2: Setting the Base Locale

Scenario: Fulfillment Center
A Fulfillment site associate in a German Fulfillment Center needs to view the pick list in German to fulfill an order placed by a customer in France. Even if the order was processed in French, the fulfillment site associate can view the pick list in German. However, the pack sheet and shipping label are printed in French, (locale of the customer's order).
The Fulfillment site associate in Germany performs these steps to fulfill the order, though the pack sheet and shipping label are localized in French:
  1. Log into Fulfillment Center using the user profile, which is localized in German.
  2. From the Fulfillment Center Home page, click Pick Station. A list of open picking orders appears.
  3. Search and locate the order.
  4. Perform steps to scan the location tag and pick the Items in the order. The pick list is viewable in German.
  5. Print the pack sheet and shipping label, which are in French for the customer.

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