Custom Attributes

Define attributes on objects to maximize merchandising impact on sales, provide item-specific information, and personalize the customer experience by retaining information on preferences and past behaviors. An attribute is a custom field defined with a data type, display type, behaviors, and pre-populated choice values. You can define a custom attribute to extend the attribute set that is available for a particular object type.

Choice values are predefined values that are valid for an attribute and can be defined for any of these display types:

Order Management supports localizing custom attributes, including attribute labels and their associated choice values. Import files from Salesforce B2C Commerce online storefront orders support localized item attribute choice values. Order Management web services retrieve localized choice value attributes and values when orders are created through Customer Service Center.

Localized attributes and values appear on user interface pages. You can use them in reports and templates for customer-facing documents, such as email templates, pick and pack sheets, and reports.

Localized custom attributes can be created and managed in the Attribute Manager in the Administration module.

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