Gross Tax Policy

Order Management supports different types of taxation policies including sales tax and value added tax (VAT). Order Management shows VAT and sales tax information at the line item and order level according to the tax policy. Configure the policy in merchant price books in B2C Commerce. The tax policy determines whether product and service prices are treated as net or gross prices. See VAT and Net Tax Policy.

Gross is the item prices and order subtotals including associated tax. This amount is used for sites using VAT. The tax total field shows the word "Included" instead of the tax amount. Single orders containing multiple items can be charged VAT at different rates. Note that when browsing items under the gross tax policy, the item details don't indicate that tax is included in the shown price. The CSR must be aware of the tax policy.

For orders using the gross (VAT) tax policy, the elements are as follows:

An item shows Qty (3), Unit Price €19.63, Tax €4.12, and Ext. €63.01, where Ext. is unit price times quantity, plus tax. Discounts also have unit price and tax elements, the sum of which is reflected in the Ext. column. The Summary Sections shows line items for the sub total, the discounts (price adjustments), and tax is listed as Included.

Note: Hover over the blue Information icon () in the Price Adj. field to display price adjustment details (Description, Unit Price, Tax, Ext. price, Promo Code, Promo Label).

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