Price Adjustments

Any price changes to line items or to an initial order total due to discounts, promotions, or extra charges are considered together as price adjustments. Order Management always expresses price adjustments as fixed values, never as percentages or fractions. A positive price adjustment represents a price increase, and a negative price adjustment represents a price decrease. Negative price adjustments appear in parentheses. When viewing order or invoice details, item-level and order-level price adjustments are as follows:

Following are some examples of how price adjustments display:

Price adjustment applied in B2C Commerce Price adjustment in Order Management
10% order discount on an order with a merchandise value of $100 ($10) at the order level
$2 off a particular Item ($2) at the item level
$5 handling charge per order $5 at the order level

Scenario: Price Adjustments

A U.S. customer contacts Customer Service to place an order for two Navy Silk Ties and 2 Boot Gloves. Currency is USD (Net taxation policy). The Customer Service Representative creates the order, which retrieves the pricing information from B2C Commerce, and applies any item- or oOrder-level pricing adjustments. In this scenario, the following discount price adjustments are applied: At the Item level, the following shows the unit pricing and the promotional discount pricing.
Item description Extended price Sales tax (10%) Item price adjustment
2 Navy Silk Ties @$29.99 each $29.99 x 2 = $59.98 10% Sales Tax: $2.99 x 2 (quantity) = $6.00 Item Promotion “Buy 2 or more, get 10% discount”.

Unit price adjustment: ($2.99)

Extended price adjustment: 2 x ($2.99) = ($6.00)

10% Sales Tax on adjustment: 2 x ($2.99) x 10% tax = $(0.60)

2 Boot Gloves @$69.99 each $69.99 x 2 = $139.98 10% Sales Tax: $6.99 x 2 (quantity) = $14.00 None
Note: In Customer Service Center, you can view the item cost breakdown on the Order details page by hovering over the '...' in the Unit Values field for the Item. This breakdown includes the Extended Price, Shipping, Shipping Tax, Handling, Handling Tax, Item Tax, Item Price Adjustment, Item Price Adjustment Tax, Order Price Adjustment, and Order Price Adjustment Tax. The Order's price adjustment amount is prorated for that item.
At the order level, the following shows the Subtotal, Order Price Adjustment, Shipping, Tax, and Total (USD) for the Order. In this scenario, shipping is taxable. For details on manually configuring the Shipping or Handling tax, see Edit Order Shipping Address.
Subtotal Order price adjustments Shipping price adjustment Tax Total (USD)
Ext. Item Price + (Ext. Price Adj.)

Navy Silk Tie: $59.98 + ($6.00) = $53.98

Boot Gloves: $139.98

Subtotal: $53.98 + $139.98 = $193.96

10% order discount on Order of $150 or more

10% x $193.96 = $19.40

$15.00 flat shipping on Order of $150 or more Subtotal Tax + (Order Price Adj. Tax) + (Ship Tax)

$19.40 + ($1.94) + ($1.50) = $18.96

Subtotal + Order Price Adj. + Ship + Tax

$193.96 + ($19.40) + ($15.00) = $208.52

The following is a sample of the populated item and order-level amounts.

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