Android Pay

Salesforce B2C Commerce platform enables merchants to use Android Pay as the payment method at their storefronts. Order Management supports CyberSource as the supported gateway for the Android Pay payment method using the card type from the Android Pay account, such as Visa orMasterCard.

Orders that are paid with the Android Pay payment method are imported into Order Management. Payments in the Order XML are standard payments. Transaction IDs are used by Order Management for follow-on transactions such as Capture and Refund with the merchant’s payment gateway.

In the Order XML, the <card type> tag contains the card type that was used from the Android Pay account during checkout. The order XML is imported into Order Management with the payment tag when the payment is authorized outside of Order Management. For example, when the payment method is Visa, then <card=type> = VISA and <transaction-type> = AUTH. Custom attributes can be added to the payment tag in the order XML.

In Order Management, the external payment processor and its supported payment methods are configured in the Provider settings in the Administration module. The payment method must be configured with the payment processor account that is used for authorizing storefront orders paid via Android Pay. Merchants can configure a different CyberSource account for processing the orders paid by Android Pay.

Note: If the Multi-Capture option is configured for the CyberSource gateway, the client’s merchant bank and all associated parties must support multi-capture when processing split shipments.

When viewing the payment in the Order Management Administration module, "Via Android-Pay" is appended to the masked credit card number:

...1234 (Via Android-Pay)

         <custom-attribute attribute-id="approvalStatus">100</custom-attribute>
         <custom-attribute attribute-id="authAmount">25.98</custom-attribute>
         <custom-attribute attribute-id="authCode">888888</custom-attribute>
         <custom-attribute attribute-id="requestId">4624552856666876001515</custom-attribute>
         <custom-attribute attribute-id="requestToken">Ahj/7wSR9WUgYmotAkzWIkG7Ro1aMXLOLOcuLMxvaS35EcRvQFLfkRxG90gZRMprzyaSZbpAdyaxBZI+rKQMTUWgSZrAEiua</custom-attribute>