Waiting Fulfillment Queue

In Order Management Retail Center: click the Waiting Fulfillment tab to view shipping orders that have been allocated to and claimed by the current store but that have not yet been packed.

Use the Search form at the top of the page to narrow the list of shipping orders.

The Waiting Fulfillment queue includes the following fields:

Section Description
Selection checkboxes Select one or more shipping orders to be printed or rejected.
ID Click to open the Shipping Order Details page.
Date The date the shipping order was created.
Method The shipping method selected for the shipping order.
Description Usually includes the customer's name or company name, if applicable.
Currency The currency in which the associated sales order was placed.
Total The total amount of the shipping order in the shown currency.
Status The current status of the shipping order, typically Waiting Pick/Pack. If line items have been rejected from the order, but the rest of the order has not been packed, it might be Waiting Fulfillment.

Shipping Order Details Page

The Waiting Fulfillment Shipping Order details page shows the shipping order number and status at the top of the page. It also includes the following sections:

Section Description
Shipping Order Information Header Shows the following information about the current shipping order:
  • Date
  • Customer number
  • Requested shipping method
  • 'View Additional Information' link. Click the link to show a popup window with shipping order-level attributes, special instructions, and payment method information for the order.
  • Billing address, including email and phone
  • Shipping address, including email and phone
Shipping Order Line Items Lists the line items in the shipping order. The following fields appear for each line item:
  • Item Image
  • Item Code
  • Item Description. If the item contains item-level attributes, the item is a link. Click the link to show a popup window with the name and description (value) of the item-level attributes. For example, Name: GIFT_WRAP_STYPE and Value: Happy Birthday!.
  • Quantity in the Shipping Order
  • Can Ship form (used to mark the line item as packed or to reject it)
Create Shipment Form Lists the shipping method and number of packages for the shipping order. It includes the following fields:
  • Shipping Carrier list:
    • Manual
    • FedEx
    • UPS
    • USPS
  • Shipping Method list: if Manual is selected as the shipping carrier, then the shipping methods configured in the shipping provider are available here. Otherwise, shipping methods associated with the selected carrier are available.
    Note: A Hub ID must be configured for the FedEx shipping processor to have FedEx SmartPost display in the list of shipping methods, and to enable the printing of SmartPost shipping labels in Retail Center. See External Processors - Shipping.
  • No. of Packages: if Manual is selected as the shipping carrier, the No. of Packages field is replaced with a Tracking Number field)
  • +Pkg control: increments the number of packages.
Order Totals Lists the following totals for the shipping order:
  • Subtotal
  • Price Adj.
  • Shipping
  • Handling
  • Tax
  • Total
Command Bar Includes the following controls:
  • Print Pack Sheet: click to print a pack sheet for the shipping order.
    Note: The pack sheet lists all line items in the shipping order as packed. For a partial shipment, the pack sheet must be reprinted after the shipping order is marked as packed.
  • Reject: click to reject the shipping order and return it to the allocation process.
  • Pack (customer pickup orders) or Pack/ Ship (orders for shipping) : click to pack the shipping order and, if it's to be shipped, ship it. This puts a customer pickup shipping order in the Waiting Pickup queue and moves a shipped shipping order to History, where it's Waiting Filing or Closed, depending on your configuration.


The following is a typical scenario encountered by a Waiting Fulfillment queue user:

Scenario: partially pack and ship a shipping order while marking a line item as zero Inventory
A shipping order that contains multiple line items is to be partially packed and shipped. One of the line items is out of stock at the store. This item is marked as zero inventory, which prevents the allocation system from assigning shipping orders including it to this store until the inventory is updated. The other items are shipped in a single package via USPS Express Mail.
The store employee finds and processes the shipping order as follows:
  1. In Order Management Retail Center: click the Waiting Fulfillment tab.
  2. Select Item No. from the Search Key list in the search form, enter the item number of the out-of-stock item in the text field, and click Search.
  3. Click the shipping order ID. The Shipping Order details page opens.
  4. In the Can Ship form for each line item that will be shipped, enter the quantity of the item that will be shipped.
  5. In the Can Ship form for the line item that is out of stock, click None. Order Management sets that item to zero inventory for the current store.
  6. In the Create Shipment form at the bottom of the page, select USPS from the first list and USPS Express Mail from the second list.
  7. Then click +Pkg once to put 1 in the No. of Packages field.
  8. Click Pack/ Ship at the bottom of the page.
  9. On the Pack/Ship Items confirmation window, ensure that Reprint Pack Sheet is checked and click Pack/Ship.
  10. The line item that was set to zero inventory is automatically returned to the allocation process to be assigned to a different fulfillment site as part of a new shipping order. Because it was marked as zero inventory, the system won't attempt to allocate it to the same store until inventory is updated (assuming it isn't allocated to another site first).
  11. The shipping order, minus the item that was not shipped, moves to the History tab.
  12. Pack the items that are shipped and hand the package to the shipping carrier.
  13. The shipping carrier delivers the package to the customer.
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